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6 sessions wrap & go - YESO or Plaster

$400 with one complimentary dry brush, cream, & detox blanket session

  • 400 US dollars
  • Me, Myself and I

Service Description

Choose either Yeso or Plaster Yesotherapy is a weight-loss method that uses plaster structures, specifically a girdle, to wrap the abdomen, thighs, or arms & compact it entirely. The pressure causes the body to eliminate the fat in a short period of time, naturally and gradually. This treatment involves casting a part of the body to sculpt it. Casts are made of natural fibers that contain skin-nourishing compounds like mineral salts, algae, & other extracts. The fibers bind specific areas such as abs, arms & thighs to provide compression & generate heat. For Reduction treatment: If we need a reduction procedure, this process will affect vasodilation by increasing body heat & reducing fatty deposits. With the protocol in reduction therapies, it is advisable to do it once a month at most twice. Firming treatment: The firming treatment with Yesotherapy is very similar to the reduction treatment, but the process must have a shorter duration not to reduce the effect. If they are lifting and toning buttocks & bust techniques, this process cannot last in the body for more than an hour. Benefits: ● Slims your body naturally & without much effort. ● Shapes your figure better, especially in the hips. ● Tones up flabby skin, eliminates stretch marks, & can even remove pimples & small wounds. We recommend you to use it sometimes with some hot water. ● Stimulates circulation in the bloodstream, allowing us better flow in our blood. It can reduce the frequency of such ailments such as headaches. ● Lose water weight What are plaster wraps? These are used in plaster body wrap therapy which is for weight loss & inch loss on the area of your choice that are lipolytic plaster bandages, it compacts the area, & the pressure will eliminate the fat naturally gradually. The Plaster Wrap Therapy treatment was intended to be applied to the body for cleansing & beautifying the skin. It alters the appearance of localized fat, inches, cellulite, stretch marks, & flaccidity on the abdominal area. It takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to apply and you leave it on for 4 hours before removing. Suggested 6 to 12 sessions, at 1 to 2 times per week intervals. Best results when combined with Body contouring services such as meso therapy, cavitation, or vacuum therapy….

Cancellation Policy

You are allowed up to 2 cancellations/rescheduling for your sessions after that you lose your sessions and no refunds are granted

Contact Details

  • 19710 Misty Pines Court, Humble, TX, USA


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