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Service Description

What is Fat Dissolving? This is a procedure to break down fat cells with the help of a solution called sodium deoxycholate. This solution causes a localized inflammatory response from the body that is vital & allows the destroyed fat cells to be removed & excreted via the kidneys. 2-4 visits are recommended for the results to be long-lasting. Once the fat cell is destroyed, it can no longer store or accumulate fat, so no further treatment is needed. ****HYDRATION WITH WATER IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR LONGER-LASTING RESULTS*** Interval between treatments ● Up to 6 sessions 1 month apart ● After 6 sessions, client must wait for 1 year to be treated again Factors that may affect the effectivity of fillers: ● Metabolism ● Lifestyle ● Age ● Skin conditions ● Medications ● Long exposure to sunlight ● Exercise ● Eating too much spicy food ● Drinking too much alcohol ● Smoking frequently Precare ● Avoid alcohol 2 days before appointment ● Avoid aspirin or blood thinning medication 3 days before appointment ● Avoid vitamin E, fish oil, flaxseed oil, salmon oil, or similar 1 week before ● Drink an antihistamine 1 hour before appointment to reduce swelling ● Eat fresh pineapples to minimize bleeding and bruising ● Drink water before the appointment Possible Side Effects ● Sensitivity ● Bruising ● Warmth ● Stinging ● Swelling - calms 30-50% after day 3 ○ Treatment: Bentpla ● Bruising - lasts 7-10 days ○ Treatment: Bentpla ● Tenderness - lasts 1-2 days ○ Treatment: Apply a warm compress for 5 minutes Aftercare ● Wear loose clothing ● Eat healthy and exercise regularly ● Massage the area for 15 mins and apply warm compress afterwards for 5 mins ● Avoid makeup, smoking, alcohol, spicy foods, excess salt for 3 days ● No straws for 3 days (lip treatment) ● No oral sex 3-5 days (lip treatment) ● Avoid vigorous exercise, sun and heat exposure for 3 days ● Be very gentle the first week ● Massage after 24 hours, only if bumps are present. ● Eat pineapple to speed up helming time ● Drink a lot of water for optimal results. Discomfort - Ibuprofen or Advil (only if necessary) Bruising, swelling, open sites - Bentpla or Arnica Tablets Directions for Bentpla use: Apply to the treatment area and leave for 15 mins.. Rinse with warm water. Repeat 3-4 times a day. *One product is given complimentary.

Cancellation Policy

You are allowed up to 2 cancellations/rescheduling for your sessions after that you lose your sessions and no refunds are granted

Contact Details

  • 19710 Misty Pines Court, Humble, TX, USA


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