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Service Description

This is also known as Cellulite Treatment, it is a non-invasive massaging technique that helps to lift your skin using a mechanical device equipped with suction cups. It is used to improve blood circulation, reduce cellulite, smoothen the underlying fat layers, and increase elasticity. Vacuum Therapy also helps mold the fat and contour your body and detoxify the client from toxins accumulated overtime. After Care Guide ● Avoid eating 1-2 hours after treatment ● Avoid heavy meals, sugar, fatty food and heavy carbs. DO NOT FAST ● Continue to drink plenty of water to facilitate lymphatic drainage! ● STAY HYDRATED ● DO NOT consume alcohol, caffeine or carbonated drinks 24hr post treatment. ● Elevate your heart rate for 20 to 30 minutes after treatment( This is very important) ● Wear waist trainers for at least 6-8hrs DAILY( This too is very important) ● Daily exercise maximizes results Benefits of Vacuum Therapy ● Loosening tight muscles ● Assists in breaking down cellulite and burning fat ● Stimulating blood circulation ● Stimulates Lymphatic drainage ● Tones, tightens, and reduces body circumference ● 100% all natural, Non-invasive ● Most people will see immediate results after the first session. Recommended a series of 6-12 sessions for best results. Adequate water intake before and after each treatment is highly recommended. ***Ample amount of water is recommended to assist the body in flushing liquefied fat for best results. ***

Cancellation Policy

You are allowed up to 2 cancellations/rescheduling for your sessions after that you lose your sessions and no refunds are granted

Contact Details

  • 12612 Penn St, Whittier, CA 90602, USA


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